Lisa Graves has graciously agreed to join us again today to help us wade through this ultimate travesty of justice by the high court that is no longer “supreme”. Extreme is more fitting.
Lisa Graves has unimpeachable legal bona-fides. Among other positions during her career, she served under two US Attorneys General — Janet Reno during the Clinton administration and John Ashcroft during the W Bush regime. She was chief counsel for nominations under Chair Patrick Leahy on the Senate Judiciary Committee, so was charged with vetting Supreme Court nominees.

I’m always grateful when Lisa brings her expertise here to help us try to figure out wtf is going on. And sadly, that’s the only way I can describe what’s going on now in the wake of the Extreme Court’s gutting of the Chevron deference and conferring “absolute immunity” — a concept that hadn’t existed before yesterday’s decision.