The scales of justice are horribly unbalanced.

Ever since learning about the fate of Troy Davis, a man who was convicted of murder and, despite new evidence that would have exonerated him, was executed anyway.

I started learning about The Innocence Project, co-founded by Barry Scheck (of the OJ Simpson trial fame), an organization “dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted criminals through DNA testing, and reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.”

Today, I spoke with Mark Godsey is the Carmichael Professor of Law and Director of the Ohio Innocence Project at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. He serves on the Board of the Innocence Network, and has been a leader in helping the the Innocence Movement expand around the globe. A former federal prosecutor, Mark is considered a an internationally-recognized scholar, lawyer, and activist on the subject of wrongful convictions. He is the editor of the Wrongful Convictions Blog, and is a frequent commentator on the subject in the national press.

We discussed the case of Mark Morton, a man wrongfully convicted of the murder of his wife who was freed after serving 25 years after DNA evidence that had been hidden by police and prosecutors was finally tested and cleared him of the crime! He’s just published his story in a book called Getting Life: An Innocent Man’s 25-Year Journey from Prison to Peace.

After a news update from Bob Ney at the Talk Radio News Service, it was on to our regular Thursday morning guests.

She’s History‘s Amy Simon filled us in on the fight for women’s contraceptive rights, beginning around a century ago with Margaret Sanger.

And Stephen Goldstein, author of The Dictionary of American Political Bullshit was back with another “No More Bullshit Minute,” today talking about the bullshit phrase “State’s Rights.”

Tonight I hop a plane to Los Angeles, where I’ll spend the weekend covering the AFT convention. I’ll be doing some live broadcasts from there, so check back regularly for updates on days and times.

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