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I know I don’t need to tell the regular listeners of this program, but Donald Trump is bad for our national mental health.
First, there are the lies and the gaslighting! The gaslighting is the worst, as it’s meant to make the people being gaslit think they’re the crazy ones. It doesn’t even matter that we know the truth… the fact that there are millions of Americans who support Trump – after everything we know about who he is and what he’s done- is enough to send someone otherwise sane into a tailspin.
Today, after hearing so many people still deny reality, I thought we’d delve into some of the specifics in Trump’s indictment – the new one that deals with his actions surrounding January 6, 2021.
I recorded it so you don’t have to read it. Today, I’ll share some excerpts.
But since the content is so triggering, I’m going to intersperse some cuts from my latest Ketamine therapy session. I figured we could all use a bit of mental health care when dealing with Trump’s crimes, and this should provide a bit of comic relief as well…