Every Wednesday morning, my fellow Floriduh resident Deborah Newell Tornello and I attempt to out-“duh” one another by digging up stories that belong in the Oy, FloriDUH files… Some of the stories we covered today include

And if those aren’t good enough for you, then there’s an app for that! 

Whether you’re an avid reader of political journalism or police blotters, or just in need of a good laugh, IJReview’s “Florida Man” extension is something you need to download.

Once it’s installed in Chrome, the extension will replace both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio’s names with “Florida Man.” In an even funnier twist, it will also change any mention of “Florida Man” to either “Jeb Bush” or “Marco Rubio.”

Yes, that app is responsible for this awesome photo headline:



It’s worth noting here that Florida is the state that gave us not only Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, but Mike Huckabee (who lives in the panhandle), Ben Carson (who lives in Palm Beach) and, yes, Donald Trump too, who also maintains property in the Palm Beach area and declared his candidacy yesterday, complete with a bit of mouth foam!

jon stewart -trump spittle

Dave Johnson returned to help explain what happened with the re-vote on TAA (Trade Assistance Adjustment). You might recall that after that part of the three-part vote to advance Fast Track failed in the House on Friday, so John Boehner filed a motion to reconsider which should have expired yesterday. Instead, they managed to pass a 6-week extension to that they can bring it back up for a vote any time between now and July 31. Stay tuned….

I’ll be back tomorrow with Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim for more on the Boehner/Obama partnership, and whatever else the day’s news brings, radio or not!