I’ve been doing my best to have guests on this program who can explain the threats we are facing from fascism by way of Trump and his MAGAt sycophants. We’ve exposed “Project 2025” and urge you to learn as much as possible about what they are planning should they retake power. It really is urgent — all hands on deck kind of urgent.
Today we’ll give you the knowledge you need to push back on the mis and disinformation, lies and propaganda they’re pushing. There’s a reason TFG said “I love the poorly educated!”. They’re easier to manipulate.

In that spirit, I was happy for the opportunity to speak with Federico Finchelstein today on the show. He’s now written eight books on the subject of Fascism, including the brand-new one, just out one week, THE WANNABE FASCISTS: A GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING THE GREATEST THREAT TO DEMOCRACY.

Federico also contributed an article to this week’s special edition of The New Republic called “What American Fascism Would Look Like“. Please check it out and share!