When I returned from my vacation retreat last week, I vowed to not fall back into my old traps. One of the things I’m determined to do is focus on some good news instead of just bitching about the bad stuff all the time. With that in mind, here are today’s five Good News stories to kick off your weekend:

  1. Twenty years ago, Stephanie Johnson became the first black female pilot for Northwest Airlines.

    And in 2016, Johnson made history again as Delta Air Lines’ first black female captain. Delta celebrated Johnson in February, but Women’s History Month is also a fitting time to recognize the aviation pioneer.

  2. Saint Francis High School in  Mountain View, California, private school parlayed a $15,000 Snapchat investment it made years ago into more than $20 million after the social-sharing company went public in a big way on Thursday
  3. A Kentucky preschooler wanted to get the same haircut as his classmate so they could look identical — not realizing that he is white and his classmate is black.

    Five-year-old Jax’s mom, Lydia Rosebush of Louisville, said she told her son he needed to get a haircut because it was looking too messy.

    “He wanted it buzzed, down to his scalp,” Rosebush explained. “He wanted to look like Reddy.”

    His friend Reddy, also 5, is black. Reddy and his brother were adopted from Africa into a white family in their community when they were toddlers.

    “Deep down inside, yes [Jax] absolutely notices there are differences in skin color,” Rosebush said. “However, he doesn’t care. The only difference to him is their hair doesn’t match.”

  4. From listener Mona in Brooklyn:                                    A Lower East Side FDNY station nicknamed “Fort Pitt” has adopted an adorable pit bull named Ashley — “Ash” for short — who was saved from a Staten Island crack den by a nonprofit animal group.The Bravest of Engine 15/Ladder 18 on Pitt Street brought home their new four-legged probie last month, and according to photos from the dog’s Instagram account, she is adjusting to her new life just swell.

    The 1-year-old pup’s Instagram account, @probyash, which is maintained by the firehouse, shows the pooch hanging out in the Lower East Side firehouse’s kitchen, riding in the fire truck and hanging out with her new family.

    “From the crackhouse to the firehouse. Life is good,” her bio on the social media site reads.

    The pooch can be seen posing in front of a fire truck in one photo along with the humorous caption: “Reporting for doodie… ready to ride…I got the woof! (Roof).”

  5. This 95-Year-Old Man Came Out As Gay And We Just Fell In Love


If that wasn’t enough, we ended the week in conversation with David Rolf, president of SEIU 775 and VP of SEIU nationally. He and billionaire (the good kind) Nick Hanauer wrote an articled together for the American Prospect, “Portable Benefits for an Insecure Workplace.” Read it; it might make you feel better!