The 2024 presidential election is in full swing. My husband David and I were fortunate enough to be at a Biden-Harris event in Tempe, AZ yesterday where the featured speaker was our favorite member of Congress, Jamie Raskin.
I hope to have him on the show sometime soon for a real interview, but we got to say hello, shake his hand, take a photo and hear him speak for about 30 minutes. It was one of the best political speeches I’ve ever attended, and he did it extemporaneously – no notes, no teleprompter. Just his quick wit and brilliant mind.

I started recording his speech and let it roll for the whole thing. It was so brilliant that I’m going to share the whole thing with you today.

This is the coverage from the Arizona Republic newspaper (you can spot David and me all over this video):

After hearing from Congressman Raskin, we’ll check in to see what’s happening in my former state of Florida with my old friend Hillary Keyes, who’s trying to keep some blue in that place…