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Ding Dong Scalia’s dead! I know, if I believed in such things, I’d burn in hell. But I don’t. And to those who excoriated me for “dancing on his grave,” I say that’s what those dancing shoes are for.

Obviously, Scalia’s timely termination came at a beautiful time. With 11 months still left in President Obama’s term, there’s more than enough time to nominate and confirm Scalia’s judicial replacement. Of course the Republicans are clutching their constitutions while simultaneously shredding its intent by saying Hell No to a new Obama nominee.

Stay tuned, and make more popcorn!

Today on the show

We’re back! The new computer finally arrived on Friday, and we got back on the air today.  Although we still have some bugs to fix (like that pesky watermark on YouTube, we’re getting there).

Today on the show, Randi Rhodes was my first guest! She just launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch her own online radio show. Get more details at her newly relaunched

In the wake of Antonin Scalia’s death, I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather talk with than Think Progress‘ Justice Editor Ian MillhiserAlmost immediately following the news, Milhiser posted “The Simply Breathtaking Consequences of Justice Scalia’s Death”  and soon followed that with “In Praise of Scalia.”

Ian Milhiser’s first book, released just a few months ago, Injustices: The Supreme Court’s History of Comforting the Comfortable and Afflicting the Afflicted goes into more detail about the late justice and his colleagues on the court.

And finally, the newest Blue America endorsee, Annette Taddeo checked in to tell us about her congressional campaign running from FL26. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be joined by PDA Executive Director Donna Smith, and the inimitable @GottaLaff (who is absolutely NOT ME) too, radio or not!