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Well, we’re here! I’m still getting my bearings in Arizona, but we found a house to rent in the town of Chandler, Arizona. We’ll move in on Wednesday.

In the meantime, with all that’s going on in the world, I couldn’t imagine being off the air for another week. So I’ll slide into YouTube whenever possible during our regular time of 5pm ET/2 PT while we continue getting settled.

I jokingly quipped that it’s a good thing not much happened in the past three weeks, but yeah, I picked the wrong time to be off the air. We’ve got a lot to talk about today. But keep in mind, I’m in a makeshift studio in our airbnb, so don’t expect too much in terms of studio wizardry. I’ll be happy to get up and streaming. Fingers crossed!

** Postscript: It worked, but with limited capabilities. So I won’t attempt this again until we’re in the house with my studio set up and functioning. That said, I’m pulling shows to run for the next few days that are pertinent to today’s discussion. I hope you’ll listen, and join me Monday when I return with new live shows. Thanks for bearing with me!