If you guessed China, you are correct.

Sensata is in the news now because the Bain-controlled company is shipping its Freeport, IL factory to China in bits and pieces, while its current employees are being forced to train their Chinese replacements.  Mitt Romney still owns $8 million worth of Bain funds, which owns 51% of Sensata –  and he therefore still collects dividends and reaps the profits from those investments.  As Dave Johnson pointed out on my show this morning, Mitt Romney could probably tilt the polls in his favor if he were to heed the  calls of the “Bainport” employees – show up there and tell Bain Capital to do the right thing.  But he won’t, cuz that’s the kind of guy he isn’t.  (Follow Dave’s work on his blog: Seeing the Forest)

Last night, displaces Sestana worker Mary Jo Kerr was on The Ed Show

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Mary Jo Kerr is supposed to be at tonight’s second presidential debate. Hopefully Candy Crowley will allow her to ask Mitt Romney a question!

Now to that question … Bain is moving Sensata’s Freeport, IL factory to China so it can make more and more and more and more money.  China threw billions of dollars into its solar industry in order to undercut US companies prices and corner the market on solar panels.

Just this week, Solyndra filed a lawsuit against three Chinese solar panel manufacturers, alleging  that the companies engaged in “attempted monopolization, conspiracy, predatory pricing” and other tactics in an aim to destroy Solyndra.

Although the GOP has tried to paint the Obama administration as being at fault in backing Solyndra, they were trying to help out our fledgling green industry in this county.  Contrast that with Romney’s backers and former company doing all it can to make more and more and more and more money, at the expense of jobs here at home.

Big difference!

Also on the show this morning, I welcomed K.C. Boyd, author of Being Christian (a novel) to discuss the subject matter of the book – the scary rise of right wing religious zealots in this nation and our politics.

And as we do every Tuesday morning, hour two was spent shooting the shit with GottaLaff of The Political Carnival, who brought us these stories this morning:

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