After meeting with the oncologist, Dr. Mudad, last week I said that I’d make a decision regarding chemotherapy today. So my decision is… that I’m getting another opinion first.

You may recall that the first opinion I got was less than credible, so I’m discounting everything I heard from that doctor. Although I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Mudad, he can’t definitively say whether or not he’d recommend chemo for a family member with the same issues.

As I said, it’s not rare, but my case is unusual.

So we’re getting one more opinion! I have an appointment on Thursday with Dr. Raez at Memorial Cancer Institute down here, and have the follow-up with Dr. Mudad scheduled for next Monday.

Today marks four weeks since I had surgery to remove the lower left lobe of my lung and a wedge containing a second tumor from the upper left lobe. Although my surgery was done in a minimally invasive way with the Da Vinci XI robot, there’s still a lot of pain. I’m constantly reminded that I have to be patient and just let my body heal.

Hopefully, despite what ever decision I make, I’ll be able to return to the air in a limited fashion in the next week or two. Though to be honest, D’ump is not making me want to get out of bed in the morning.