My dear friend Amy Simon is visiting today, so I figured we’d focus today on women!  Mostly fabulous females, but we also exposed one not-so- wonderful woman who was being touted as the great Hispanic female hope for the GOP. Not any more!

Mother Jones, the magazine who gave us the infamous Mitt Romney 47% hidden camera video, has done it again. This time with some secret audio of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez putting her foot so far into her mouth she’s giving Sarah Palin a run for her money.

We needed to hear from an inspirational woman to counter Martinez’ ugliness, and we found her in Luan Cox, CEO of Crowdnetic, a company and website that harnesses the power of crowd sourcing and their own data streams to level the playing field for entrepreneurs looking for investors. Because many of us, unfortunately, aren’t in the position to need those services, I did ask her if she knew of a similar type of site that might be of help to people who need help just getting by on a daily basis. She told us about Crowdrise. It’s certainly worth checking out!

And since Amy Simon was with me in the studio today, we found out what brought her to write, produce and perform She’s History, and a little bit about where she’ll be taking it next.  Here’s a little taste of the show: