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Every year I put together a music show to run over the holidays featuring some non-traditional Christmas/holiday songs. This year, in a somewhat wistful mood after learning of the passing of LA radio legend Jim Ladd, I decided to reach back into my radio archives to pull out some special moments from a show I produced back in the 1990s.

I joined the Mark & Brian Show at KLOS/Los Angeles in July of 1990 as producer, a job I loved that dominated my life for four years. I left at the end of June 1994 to help launch a new radio station in Southern California, fm 101.9 KSCA….

I busted my ass at KLOS. Not too long after I joined the show, we hit #1 across the board in the ratings, dominating morning radio.

One of the highlights of every year was the Mark & Brian Christmas Show.

With a house band led by Scott Page and members including bass player Leland Sklar, guitarist Steve Lukather, drummers Jim Keltner and Jeff Porcaro and so many other musical legends, they backed the amazing array of artists who joined us every year.

Each artist who performed was asked to do one of their “hits” and a holiday tune. For today’s show, I pulled some of the holiday tunes performed by this all-star band during the four years I produced the program, 1990 through 1993.

This show is only one hour long, so I’m thinking there many have to be future compilations as we barely scratched the surface….

Stay tuned. This program will air on Monday afternoon, Christmas Day. But I’ll post it here on Saturday 12/23 so you can enjoy it throughout the holiday…

Merry Happy whatever you celebrate….

Donny Osmand and Nicole at the Mark & Brian Christmas Show 1990

Burgess Meredith read “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” at the Mark & Brian Christmas Show 1990

David Cassidy with Nicole Sandler at the M&B 1990 Christmas Show

1990 Mark & Brian Christmas show (l-r) Kevin Gilbert, Engineer Ted Prichard, Toy Matinee drummer Toss Panos, Nicole Sandler, Marc Bonilla, Mark Thompson, House band leader Scott Page, Robert “Lucky Butt” Duggins, Brian Phelps, Spencer Davis

Kenny Loggins with Nicole, Brian and Mark

Kevin Gilbert of Toy Matinee performing at the 1990 Mark & Brian Christmas Show

Dana Delaney and Brian Phelps groping David Cassidy during his performance at the Mark & Brian Christmas Show 1990

KLOS Program Director Carey Curelop, Stephen Bishop, Nicole Sandler at the 1990 M&B Christmas Show

Lizard Killer Steve Smith, Nicole Sandler, and Toy Matinee’s Spencer Campbell, Marc Bonilla, Kevin Gilbert, Toss Panos (l-r)

Producer Nicole Sandler and KLOS Program Director Carey Curelop at the 1991 Mark & Brian Christmas Show

Mark & Brian with Glenn Campbell at the 1990 M&B Christmas Show