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But she’ll be back in 2024!
As usual, Marcy Wheeler and I hook up on Zoom Friday mornings Arizona time, which is late afternoon for Marcy in Limerick, Ireland. Today, a couple of hours after we finished recording, the Supreme Court ruled on Jack Smith’s motion to leapfrog the appeals court asking SCOTUS to rule quickly on whether the former guy is immune from prosecution over his actions while in the White House. Well, in a one-sentence order with no noted dissent simply read “The petition for a writ of certiorari before judgement is denied.” I guess that’s the extreme court’s version of coal in our Christmas stocking. Bastards.
Oh well, there’s still lots worth hearing in our last Emptywheel Friday of the year.

For some reason, the video was choppy for the first few minutes. I moved it to the other computer and it worked just fine, so please bear with us for a a bit…

We’ll be back the first week of January for more.