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This was a pretty momentous week which came to a climax lat night as the former guy went down to Georgia where he was officially booked, fingerprinted, mug-shotted, and released on $200,000 bond. It was a first in US history, but the fourth arrest for the embattled, twice-impeached, former guy who now has 91 felony counts officially charged in four separate indictments. It’s a lot to keep all the facts straight, which is why I’m so lucky to be able to call on Marcy Wheeler to help us understand what’s happening.

Marcy is an independent journalist specializing in national and foreign affairs, writing at As I do with this show, she operates without a paywall, trusting that those who value her work and can afford to support it will do so.

Marcy has been a fairly frequent guest on this show for about a dozen years or so already, and she just agreed to come on for a regularly weekly segment. With all the action coming up over the next months and years, we have lots to discuss.

So we start today with Trump surrendering at the Fulton County Jail last night. In true Trumpian form, he tweeted out his mug shot with the caption “Never Surrender”. He had just surrendered. Welcome to opposite world.