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We watched it so you didn’t have to.
Yes, I suffered through the entire two hours last night, though it wasn’t easy. I was ready to bolt before the first question was even asked, for good reason. I’ll explain and share some of the moments that had me almost throw my phone through the TV screen!
Then we’ll get Howie Klein on the line. I really didn’t expect him to watch the spectacle, but I guess it’s like that train wreck you can’t turn away from. But I was watching his feed on Xitter pronounced Shitter and he was all over it. So we’ll certainly talk about the shit show that it was.
And of course, tonight’s the night TFG surrenders to the Fulton County jail, gets mug-shotted and finger printed and whatever other indignities happen to people who break numerous laws.
Bring on the mug shot!!
PS Well, I couldn’t get hold of Howie. My calls went to voicemail (once I got the phone to work). He said he could hear me but I couldn’t hear him. I have no idea what happened other than the fact that Mercury went retrograde again yesterday! Of course it did….