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So much for the dog days of summer… It’s mid August. Congress is on recess and much of the nation is on vacation. Some are in Iowa… well, the 2024 presidential hopefuls are, including Floriduh Man Ron DeSantis who doesn’t appear to be having much fun.
But if you’ve listened to this program over the past four years, you would have been expecting something like this.
Steve Bousquet, Opinion Editor of the South Florida Sun Sentinel had a devastating column in the Sunday paper about the would be dictator from FloriDUH. He’ll join me for a discussion about the DeSantis DeLusion… (He never showed up, but I did read the column… Oh well, live radio…)

But first, Georgia is on our minds as we await word from Fulton County that new indictments (the fourth for anyone counting) for the former guy have been handed down. We were expecting it to happen on Thursday, but someone got an itchy posting finger, as the Fulton County court website, for a very brief moment today, posted a lengthy list of charges against Twitler, before they hastily took it down.