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August is supposed to be the slow news month, and Fridays in August non-eventful. But nothing is normal these days. Lots of news broke today, most of it dealing with the myriad of legal cases brewing in and around Washington DC. Thankfully Lisa Graves is here today to help us dissect it all.
Lisa’s got the bona fides too… She’s worked for the Senate Judiciary Committee and in the DOJ! She was Deputy Assistant Attorney General in both the Clinton and W Bush administrations, and these days exposes the bad guys as she heads up True North Research.
Today, I get to pick her brain about the the three indictments already filed for TFG and the one likely coming out of Fulton County, GA next week. And yes, today’s breaking news from the first hearing in the Trump Jan 6 case, a special counsel for Hunter Biden, and WTF is up with the Supreme, er, Extreme Court Injustices, especially the schnorrer Clarence Thomas.