No Trump Zone



Well I tried, but damn that @GottaLaff, bringing Donald Trump into the Trump-free zone. Ugh.

And try as I did after the show, but I couldn’t escape this asshole that has taken a commanding lead over his fellow GOP presidential contenders. Opposite world indeed.

After a few more, hopefully final words on the Netroots Nation distruption on Saturday, I played this clip of General Wesley Clark calling for new internment camps for Muslims who might get all Muslim-y on us.

If you were surprised by that, the you didn’t hear my interview with him in June of last year, during which he outed himself as an absolute warmonger (completely negating his reasonable image put forth in his 2004 presidential campaign). So, I shared that interview on the show again this morning. You should listen.

And yes, Laffy returned for hour 2, talking Trump, BLM, Kasich, MNSNC and so much more.

I’ll be back tomorrow, maybe… Not feeling much like talking these days as all we seem to be doing is shouting over one another. If I could afford it, I’d take some time off. We’ll see…