love wins


It was worth the wait! In a 5-4 decision with Anthony Kennedy writing for the majority, Same Sex Marriage is the law of the land!

Music to my ears!

Sadly, today marked the end of our weekly attempts at discourse with a Republican. John LeBoutillier is more reasonable than most on his side of the aisle, but when he today attempted to pass off made up bullshit as fact, I had to cut him off. We tried, but I wasn’t going to let anyone bring me down today.

Being Friday, we end the week with a musical gem or two from my music radio archives. Today, it was a very rare radio interview with Colin Goulding and Andy Partridge, better known as XTC. And since we had a few minutes left, we made it a double header, with my Wilco session from 1999 too! Enjoy, and celebrate. You deserve it.

I’ll be back Monday with Joel Silberman who, undoubtedly, will still be celebrating… radio or not!