Yoko gun RoN

Another day, another mass shooting.

If it’s possible, this one is worse than many of our other mass shootings that come and go with increasing regularity, like the 100-year storms that now seem to strike every year.

As if the murder of innocents by a mentally disturbed (usually) white young man who never should have been able to be in the vicinity of a gun let alone own one isn’t horrific enough, there now seem to be degrees of horror that rise to the definition of terror.

Nine people gunned down during a Bible study class inside a historic African-American church in Charleston, SC is bad enough. But when the shooter admits to have chosen his targets precisely because of their race, it’s also a hate crime.

Hate crime, terrorism, racism, murder. Call it what you will, it has to stop.

President Obama made another nice speech. We’ve seen this movie before. Nothing happens.

Hillary Clinton sounded appropriately sad and even called for action. She didn’t specify what action; I guess that would be asking too much.

How many more times do we have to live through something like this?

I started the show with that piece. I also shared an interview I did back in 2013 with Tim Fischer, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, who helped pass strict gun control laws there in the wake of the Port Arthur Massacre in the 90s. And I reiterated my call for other nations to issue official travel advisories against the US as it’s simply not safe here.

On Fridays, reminded that music soothes the savage beast, we end each week with a gem from my music radio archives. Today, it was video treat too! In Nov of 1997, I interviewed Ben Folds at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles for a new venture called “LA Live” that attempted to live stream concerts. I say “attempted to” because in 1997 we were all still on dial-up. We were just way ahead of our time…