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Monday is Memorial Day. It’s the one day set aside each year to remember US military members killed in the line of duty. Certainly worthy of the recognition. But we have a growing number of dead citizens who are victims of gun violence. It’s time to recognize that growing group of bodies, which we are powerless to stop.

Actually, we’re not powerless. Unfortunately the people who were elected to represent us in Congress are the ones who’ve ceded their power, mostly to big money interests. It’s time to take it all back.

Today, the latest on the devastating news out of Uvalde, Texas. The director of the Texas Division of Public Service answered questions from the press in a 40-minute long press conference, trying to clean up the mess from the last police presser. He answered questions, but his answers are wholly unacceptable.

The officer in charge made the call not to attempt to enter the classroom where the shooter was still terrorizing the remaining children he hadn’t yet murdered.

Today, in advance of Memorial Day, I’ll speak with Naveed Shah, political director of Common Defense, a progressive veterans group who you should know about.

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