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Today’s Republican Party is many things that would take me too long to list and raise my blood pressure too much. But one word that comes to mind every time I cover a story about their latest insanity is hypocrisy. They scream about the original intent of the framers of the Constitution, yet they insist on following those directives only when it correlates with their perverted sense of morality.

Again, the biggie here has to do with church and state and the separation that the founders espoused. This latest push to outlaw our rights when it comes to carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term are frightening enough, but the fringe groups of zealots are rising to positions of greater power inside the Republican party, threatening our freedoms, all while they claim to be protecting your freedoms.

Today, I’m joined by Rev. Barry W. Lynn, former executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State to help me make sense of it all, including the creepy beliefs of PA’s Republican nominee for Governor and others in his orbit.

Read this profile of Doug Mastriano from last year in the New Yorker. It’s chilling and frightening.

We’ll begin the show with a visit from David B. Wheeler, the co-founder and American Muckrakers PAC, a group formed to ensure that Madison Cawthorn’s first term in Congress is his last. Their website was behind the leak of a number of stories about his exploits, and culminated with that lewd video of him humping someone or something… and was likely the reason he was defeated in his primary this week…  Now that that mission is accomplished, they’ve identified their next target — Lauren Boebert!