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Today is Thursday, so Howie Klein joins us from Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC where we usually talk politics. And there’s lots to talk about today, including the travesty unfolding in Nashville right now as the TN state legislature is seeking to expel three Democrats from the legislature because they dared to stand with the protestors following last week’s mass school shooting in Nashville.

But Howie was a music industry icon back when we first met in Los Angeles almost 30 years ago. Before he was president of Reprise Records, Howie worked with Seymour Stein at the groundbreaking Sire Records. Stein died this week, so I’ll ask Howie to share what he did that was so important.

But we’ll start today with John Nichols, national correspondent for The Nation magazine, and from a family who’s been in Wisconsin for, I believe, seven generations. On Tuesday, Wisconsin voters made sure the state’s Supreme Court would be controlled by Democrats, thereby blocking the Republicans from enacting an ancient provision from putting another nail in the coffin of women’s reproductive rights.