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It’s Monday. A new week with a whole lot of news, most of it not good at all.

Putin’s war on Ukraine is raging — President Zelinsky says many thousands of Ukrainians have been killed, and he needs help from the rest of the world. Inflation continues growing (a global problem not unique to the US) and gas prices keep rising (same thing — a global problem). The American right is getting scarier by the minute, and they’re accusing the left of the evil things they’re actually doing. The Former Guy’s coup is still ongoing, as the Republicon Party keeps putting the elements in place that will allow them to steal any election going forward. The planet continues warming and scientists can’t make the warnings any more stark than they already are: it’s now or never! And the Democrats appear to be in really bad shape as the 2022 Midterm season gets underway.

How would the executive editor of a major news magazine prioritize what they cover? I’ll ask David Dayen when he joins us today. Dayen is executive editor of The American Prospect, a magazine needs your donations and subscriptions to do their work, but (like this show) is not behind a paywall.