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Kevin Gosztola has covered Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Chelsea Manning and the related universe of stories from the beginning. He was at Manning’s court-martial in 2013, then went on to cover the saga of Julian Assange. His new book, GUILTY OF JOURNALISM: THE POLITICAL CASE AGAINST JULIAN ASSANGE, is just out, and documents his years-long saga, as he waits to find out if and when he’ll be extradited to the US, and what the charges might be.

Assange is a contentious topic. Today’s guest considers him “a journalist fiercely committed to transparency, truth-telling, and uncovering the secrets of the powerful” while the government seems to be intent on charging Assange with violating the Espionage act, thereby limiting his defense strategies.

We’ll begin the show with some late breaking news on the arrest that TFG told us would happen a week ago yesterday (not even close), and today’s Sentate HELP committee hearing on Starbucks’ union busting with Howard Schultz under oath, and Bernie Sanders leading the proceedings.