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Here in Floriduh, the gubmint, under the authoritarian rule of Rhonda Santis, is trying its hardest to rewrite our history and take their fabricated stories to our schools. It’s happening right in front of us, and no one is stopping them. And it’s not only here. It’s happening in other states, coincidentally all states controlled by Republicans.

Why are they afraid of history? I guess the same reason they’re afraid of science.

Today, we’ll speak with Bob Zaugh,  a Vietnam war draft resistor.

The thing you should understand as a starting point for today’s interview is that young people today have no idea about the Vietnam War… or the protest movement that grew from it, or anything else for that matter. He has a big story to tell, one that isn’t being taught in schools.

Bob told about the judge who heard his case. All the other resistors who refused to participate in the draft or war and wouldn’t take conscientious objector status were sentenced to three years jail. But his judge didn’t do that. Check out the film about him, and Bob is in it too…  9th Circuit Cowboy, the Long Good Fight of Judge Harry Pregerson

The other film we discussed is , The Boys Who Said No, which is not available for streaming anywhere (though we’re working on setting up a screening). Here’s the trailer


And I will be gone for the next week, taking time off after surgery on Monday. BUT if there is big breaking news next week, I will jump in with a special report. Stay tuned!