There’s a meme making the rounds  featuring a photo of some Trumper idiot with a swastika and the text “I did Nazi this coming” …to which I call Bullshit.

The Nazis made their presence known in an unmistakable manner in Charlottesville. They regularly display their flags in Florida at Disney World, no less. Just two weekends ago, they marched on Music City, Nashville.

Jordan Green, investigative reporter for Raw Story, spent months investigating a heinous group of teenagers who recruit even younger (white) kids to indoctrinate them nice and early. For his troubles, he’s been stalked, threatened and worse by these same “kids” who terrorize blacks, Jews, LGBTQ+call and other perceived enemies. They call themselves 2119.
Jordan Green joins us today to tell us about his investigation, stories and now his fight to protect his family and himself.

Be sure to read the stories he wrote on this subject:

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Yes, it can – and does happen here!

We ended the show today with the latest song from The Marsh Family, a tribute to Alexei Navalny, “Sit for the Road”