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So, Putin did what President Biden and the American intelligence agencies have been saying he’d do, but he forcefully denied until the moment Putin went on the TV to declare he was lying all along. OK, he never admitted that he lied, but the result is the same. He launched a massive invasion and attack upon a sovereign nation– Ukraine. It’s just awful, and it seems that we’re powerless to stop him.

Yesterday, I shared a Medium post from Jennifer Cohn about the history of Ukraine. Sorry, I forgot to link to it yesterday, but it’s an important read. So do click here and check it out.

And today, I made contact with a lovely young woman in Ukraine named Olga Reznikova. She has had a YouTube channel for some years now, and speaks very good English. Her channel is all about life in Ukraine. And now she’s sharing her experience of being under attack by Putin’s Russia with the rest of us.

I shared a couple of her videos on today’s show:

She’s fascinating. And she even posted a new video while we were on the air today

Definitely explore her channel. There’s a wealth of information there. And hopefully she’ll join us for a chat on the show when things settle down a bit.

It is Thursday, so Howie Klein joined in for the second half of the show.

Of course, I had to open today’s show with this reminder