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After a look at what’s happening in our world today, we’ll talk about something that affects so many of us. Sadly, it tends to get worse this time of the year. Depression affects everyone, regardless of age, race and financial situation, though I’d guess those struggling are more likely to be depressed— but not necessarily. Women are more prone to depression, though both genders suffer from bipolar disorder equally. There are other afflictions that often accompany depression, most notably anxiety and bi polar disorder and more. It is an epidemic with no cure in sight.

There is a rising dependency on drugs — anti depressants. But they’re not a cure-all and, in many cases, make the situation worse. Long time listeners of this show know that I’ve struggled with depression since adolescence. I’ve had my share of meltdowns on the air, most notably during the Former Guy’s reign of terror. But I’ve been doing much better lately.

Today, I’ll be joined by my husband, David Sloane, who has suffered from PTSD for decades since he was pulled unconscious from a burning car in the desert some 40 years ago by a stranger who happened upon the crash and saved his life. Well, there is help on the horizon and it’s very encouraging as it does not include drugs. We’ll have a serious discussion about our depression epidemic and what can be done to help those who are suffering…

The device we’re talking about is the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. While we gave you our impressions of it, for more information, I direct you to their website,  

David has joined the company as a consultant, bringing the device to professional sports. We wanted to share it with you as it has such enormous potential to help a lot of people. And no, we do not get a commission for any units sold as a result of this program. We really just want to let you know about something that’s working for us and has helped so many already.

As I told you, I went looking for information on the down side of the device and didn’t find much. I did find their page at the Better Business Bureau, where they have an A+ rating and lots of customers left comments. As you’d expect, there were many for whom the device did not work. But there’s an abundance of five star reviews from people amazed at how this little device has changed their lives. You can find that here.