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We made it to the end of another fucked up week. As bad as last week was, this one was possibly worse.

No end in sight to the break within the Democratic Party. As Bernie Sanders summed it up so well, two senators have the right to disagree with the other 48 in the caucus. They have the right to some compromise, but they don’t have the right to derail the agenda favored by the other 48 members along with the vast majority of Americans and the President of the United States. As much as I agree with Bernie, our dysfunctional (and unconstitutional) senate allows for exactly that kind of hijacking.

And as sad as it makes me to admit it, I believe the Democratic Party is wholly incapable of fixing the problems necessary to fix this country.

That leads me to an interesting farewell letter written by a friendly acquaintance of mine. Guy Saperstein was on the show a few months back, explaining why he’s moving to France. Well, his move is just about here, and he penned a missive that lays out exactly what’s wrong with this country, and why he’s leaving rather than staying to continue to fight.

With so much at stake, it’s time for another visit from Heather “Digby” Parton, one of our side’s OG bloggers who’s still one of the best speaking truth to power…

And I shared a couple of videos that I wanted to share this week. First up, our old friend Drew Comments dropped another video with more important information about the COVID vaccine


And another honest government message from Australia


And today’s show, video style