I’m thrilled to welcome Anat Shenker-Osorio back to the show. It’s been a while — the last time she was here was in July of 2014! Yes, she’s been trying to help progressives win elections for many years and I thought this was the perfect time to have her impart some of her wisdom to our listeners.
As she explains at the start of her great podcast WORDS TO WIN BY, Anat is a researcher, message maker, and campaign advisor in addition to author and podcaster.
An essay in the NY Times she co-wrote with Norm Eisen and Celinda Lake caught my eye and was, as expected, brilliant and necessary, so I reached out and here we are.
Please pay attention to what Anat says. She’ll give you practical advice for how to respond to defeatist messaging (from those ostensibly on our side!), to the politically naïve, and those who are just plain wrong about everything.