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Yeah, I know that all of the so-called news shows here in the US are all in on the death of the Queen, but she died, she’ll remain dead, Charles is the King and that’s about all I have to say about that. I could say a few other things, but it would be counter-productive, and we’ve got more important things to deal with.

Like WTF with this so-called judge that the former guy installed who appeased his call for a “special master” to derail the DOJ’s investigation into TFG for stealing classified information on his way out of the White House.

Today we’ll meet a new guest of the show. Teri Kanefield is an author, teacher, appellate defense attorney and someone who’s taken the facts of the Stolen Documents caper, organized them and made them easy to read, understand and digest on her blog and on Twitter. Perhaps we’ll be able to cut through some of the noise trying to drown out the truth.