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The official legal authority of the Nicole Sandler Show, Lisa Graves returns today to tell what what we need to know about a bunch of stories that all happened this week, beginning with today’s release of the Fulton County, GA Special Grand Jury report that recommended indicting upwards of 35 or so, many more than the 19 who were named in the official indictment released last month.
Among them, Sen Lindsey Graham, then-Sen Kelly Loffler and then-Senate candidate David Purdue, and GA’s sitting Lt. Governor, among other names both familiar and not.
We’ll also talk with Lisa about Fani WIllis’ brutal letter to Gym Jordan about interfering with a state judicial matter, Peter Navarro’s conviction yesterday on two counts of contempt of Congress for ignoring a subpoena, Elon Musk’s apparent treasonous act in aiding and abetting Russia’s war against Ukraine(!), Sen Tuberfield’s one man crippling of the US Military, and whatever else we can fit in to the time we have together.
Thank Dog the weekend is here….