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The other day, The Daily Show took out full page ads in the NY Times and LA Times, offering the legal services of Trevor Noah & Associates & Sons for those of you who did an insurrection and need their protection. The ad also exclaims “Because your only crime was listening to the president. Also felony assault.”

I tweeted a photo of it yesterday that has truly gone viral.

As of the moment I’m writing this, it has 24 thousand likes.! There’s a phone number on the ad. We’ll call it on the show today.

Then we’ll deal with another legal issue: the Supreme Court! Although they’re not in session right now, they released an 8-page opinion overturning Joe Biden’s eviction moratorium extension. It was 6-3 along ideological lines. So much about that is wrong, so we’ll call on Lisa Graves, former DoJ attorney under two presidents and now founder and director of True North Research. There, she investigates the bad actors and follows the money.

Guess who allegedly bankrolled this Supreme Court challenge to the eviction moratorium….. Charles Koch, a regular subject of Lisa’s investigations.

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