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Tomorrow is finally primary day here in Floriduh, so I thought it was a good time to share the crazy with the rest of the country. This is a big state and, depending where you are, very diverse. Broward County (where I live), home of Fort Lauderdale, is the bluest in the state. Miami-Dade, right next door to our south, used to be reliably blue as well, but with the influx of South American, Cuban and other refugees, and the anti-Socialist scare/propaganda permeating the Spanish-language airwaves, Republican and No Party Affiliation registrations outnumber those for the Democratic Party. This is a state where the governor is a smarter, better educated and more dangerous and dictatorial version of Trump, and anyone who tells you than can predict what will happen is lying.

Today, I welcome Peter Schorsch to the show. He’s the publisher and executive editor of Florida Politics. He and I will take a walk through the state to share some of the crazy with you.

And we ended with this bit of comedy brilliance from Lauren Mayer