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Last week we took a deep dive into the world of TV and Movies with three of the SAG-AFTRA Executive Committee and Negotiating Committee members. Today we turn to the Radio and Record industries, where I spent the better part of my career.

The average person knows that radio has changed… they likely listen less than they used to and noticed that radio has gotten more generic over the years. They also know that the record industry has evolved. From buying vinyl records to CDs to downloads, and does anyone buy full albums any more? And how are artists getting paid (the answer is very little!).

I started in radio in college in 1979 and lived through a major paradigm shift, hitting the fulcrum after passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (thanks for nothing Bill Clinton!).

Today, I welcome Joel Denver to the show. He’s the President/ Publisher/Founder and Owner of, one of the last remaining trade publications serving the radio and record industry. Unfortunately, All Access will cease operations on August 15, marking the end of an era.

Joel will explain what prompted the end and join me in a look back at all that has changed.

** And we were joined midway by Tommy Nast, former GM of the now-defunct Album Network, another trade magazine that I actually worked for!