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That got my attention!

It’s the title of a new book by philosopher, author and professor of ethics at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School Arianne Shahvisi. Her book offers philosophical ammunition to counter your magat neighbors and relatives, something I figured we could all benefit from. Arianne joins in at the bottom of the hour.
Today turned out to be a busy news day despite any action from the DC Grand Jury on that probably third criminal indictment for TFG. (There’s always tomorrow…)
But lots happened…. Hunter Biden’s plea deal dead, the Fed really wants to send us into recession raising interest rates another 1/4 of a point, Mitch McConnell has the moment that Fox tells us Biden has every day and, at a UAP (UFO) hearing in the House we hear that the government has the remains of “non-human” beings from a crash site. And, we learned yesterday via a new study published in the journal Nature Communications that the Atlantic Ocean’s sensitive circulation system is on the verge of collapse, meaning dramatic consequences for the entire planet.
Plus Amon Bundy (remember him?) loses… Spocko will call in with the details.