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Five years ago this week my world turned upside down. It was a dark time, as Donald Trump’s campaign -for the first time- looked more serious than the bad joke it should have been.

While contemplating the possibility of the orange conman as our next president, I got some devastating news. I’ll share that with you at the top of today’s show, knowing that the outcome was better than anything I could have hoped for that day five years ago.

COVID is rearing its ugly head again, especially down here in FloriDUH and it’s affected my weekend plans. I’ll explain.

And then we’ll be joined by today’s guest. Michael C. Bender is the senior White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal. His book, Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost, was released last week and entered the NY Times bestseller list at #3. I guess that’s because everyone loves a good train wreck…

Here’s today’s show, YouTube style