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Today is the Friday before the long Fourth of July holiday weekend and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to tune out the news and try to de-stress after the past week… year…. 5 years… You get the idea.

The best medicine, they say, is laughter. So, I invited today’s guest on the show because she consistently provides us with that much-needed medicine with her weekly song parodies (and occasional original composition), Lauren Mayer.

She writes biting satirical lyrics and performs these parodies with a combination of news and topicality, intelligence, fun and talent.

We’ll start with some other news-adjacent info, and then Lauren will Zoom in…

Also, a programming note: Monday is July 4th and I will be taking a holiday… but I will have a show. It’s radio (or a close facsimile), and the show must go on. So on Monday, I’ll do a music show, which means no YouTube or other video stream. So on Monday, listen to the audio-only show at, on or pull up my stream the simplest way at

And Happy Independence Day. Yay us!