Apologies for my absence yesterday. Husband somehow contracted Covid (first time in our home) and we spent the better part of the day at the Emergency Room. I’m doing my best to keep the virus at bay, but that hasn’t stopped me from feeling lousy. Thankfully the tests keep reading negative!

Good thing that today’s show was pretty much in the can. I got to record a conversation with NY Times economic journalist and author Peter S Goodman last week in advance of today’s release of his new book, HOW THE WORLD RAN OUT OF EVERYTHING.

I’ll share that today, along with a brief update on the news of the day — Hunter Biden convicted after the jury deliberated for a whopping three hours on gun charges, new incriminating revelations from Extreme Court inJustice Sam Alito and more…

One housekeeping note on the Peter S. Goodman interview… My producer needs a vacation. We had audio issues when we started recording, so I had to re-boot the software. Of course, I neglected to hit record on the video when it came back up, so the first 5 minutes or so of the interview is audio only. Then the video kicks back in.. (Won’t make a difference to anyone listening to the audio podcast, but I needed to explain my screw-up.)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming….