The title of today’s episode is taken from a line in a commencement address delivered this weekend by filmmaker/historian Ken Burns to the graduating class at Brandeis University. I heard enough plaudits about it to seek it out, and I must agree. In fact, so much that I’m going to share the final 8 1/2 minutes or so of it on today’s show. I’ll also post the entire thing on my website where I’ll post today’s show ( so you can easily find it to watch the rest of it.

With the spectacle of the first criminal trial of a former president coming to and end, and the amount of disinformation and propaganda warping the minds of the gullible, i’ve been having flashbacks to 2016 when our world was falling apart. Some idiot on Facebook defending TFG posted a response to something I wrote with “we survived Trump once, we will again”… a sentiment with which I wholly disagree.

This, if he succeeds in lying, cheating and stealing his way back into the oval office, will be the end of our democracy as we know it. Ken Burns chucked his longstanding policy of neutrality in this speech when he said, “The presumptive Republican nominee is the opioid of all opioids, an easy cure for what some believe is the solution to our myriad pains and problems. When in fact with him, you end up re-enslaved with an even bigger problem, a worse affliction and addiction, ‘a bigger delusion’, James Baldwin would say, the author and finisher of our national existence, our national suicide as Mr. Lincoln prophesies. Do not be seduced by easy equalization. There is nothing equal about this equation. We are at an existential crossroads in our political and civic lives. This is a choice that could not be clearer.”

It’s with that in mind that we’ll hear the rest of that address today, and I’ll bring you the latest on the closing arguments, the newest roadblock to justice thrown up by one of TFG’s appointees to the bench, the latest outrage over the fact that our Supreme Court is sickeningly compromised and that we are, to put it bluntly, fucked. And not in a good way.

As promised, here’s the full video of Ken Burns’ Brandeis Commencement address


And today’s show: