We made it through another eventful week in the most insane decade of my life, and I’m old. We celebrate Fridays because the weekend is here, but not before we recap some of the news made during the week that’s ending. It seems that each week these days is more outlandish than the one before, and this one is no different.

Among the news and stories that Emptywheel.net’s Marcy Wheeler and I discussed today are the complete mess that is the Supreme Court. ProPublica this week confirmed and shared photographic proof that Justice Samuel Alito flew a second flag (this one at his NJ shore beach house) supporting Trump’s insurrection and, this one specifically, Christian Nationalism. We discussed fascism and the staffer who reportedly posted the blatantly fascist “Reich” video to TFG’s ‘Truth Social’ account. There was the lie told by Trump and his minions that the DOJ had an order to assassinate him during the execution of the search warrant at Mar A Lago, and we spent a few minutes talking about the “hush money” trial in NY where closing statements will be argued on Tuesday. The jury could get the case as soon as Wednesday. And, who knows? We might have a verdict by the time Marcy and I reconvene next Friday.

Oh, and of course we spoke about the circus surrounding Hunter Biden, whose second trial will get underway in Los Angeles in September.  The first one (on gun charges) will happen in Delaware in early June. Strap in…

Marcy is actually doing another podcast these days. She’s working with the awesome Jason Statler (aka @LOLGOP) on a new podcast called Ball of Thread.  Follow the link for more info or to listen.