Today’s the big day! The Fascist Florida Man Ronald DeSantis is officially declaring his candidacy for president in 2024 this evening. We knew it was coming; we just didn’t know where, exactly when or how he’d do it, but now we do, and it’s par for the ridiculous course that is this authoritarian Trump-in-training.

You could almost hear the jeering and laughs accompanying the announcement that the big campaign kick-off event would take place on Twitter with one of the few people on the planet who’s as big a laughingstock as is the FFM (fascist Florida man) and TFG (the former guy) — Elmo, er, Elon Musk. I know, you’re thinking “on Twitter? Huh?” But wait, it’s even better… it’ll be in a Twitter SPACES.

Say it with me now, a Twitter WHAT?

Twitter Spaces is akin to a party line! As telephones were just being introduced, many people shared the same line… so if you picked up the phone to make a call, you might have to wait until another call finished… or you could just join in. “Spaces” are audio-only group calls.

I know what they are, though I’ve never actually participated in one, and can’t understand how a serious presidential candidate would ever launch their campaign in this manner. Then again, nothing about DeSantis is serious except for his quest to be a dictator.

So, DeSantis makes it official tonight, on the first anniversary of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX, so I thought I’d combine both occasions for today’s show because they are absolutely related.

I couldn’t let the first anniversary of yet another horrific mass murder/school shooting pass without comment. And since I’m in disgust about all things Florida and DeSantis at the moment, I thought today was the appropriate time to share with you the article, “The Education of X Gonzalez,” written as the Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivor now identifies. I shared some back in January, when it was published by The Cut at NY Magazine, but today thought I should read the whole thing.