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Well, best laid plans and all that. Today, the technical problems weren’t really my fault. But then again, the buck stops here… unlike with some people we know.

That said, after a rocky minute or two at the start, all was working well… And then I got our guest today, the always wonderful Elie Mystal on the line. Unfortunately, Elie was on a cordless phone that sounded as if the battery was running low, so the connection was scratchy at best. I had him call back on his cell, but that was even worse. So we had to cut the interview short.

Then, to add insult to injury, my recording of today’s show was corrupted, so it took forever to be able to download the audio from the YouTube video and convert it. Needless to say, I’m not a happy puppy right now. I’ll post the podcast audio as soon as it’s available.

Sorry for the mess…. I promise things will be better tomorrow.

Here’s the original post I wrote up for today’s show:

As 2020 continues on its trek to be the strangest year yet in American history, I’m always looking for the best guests with whom to commiserate. Today, it’s the return of one of my favorites! Elie Mystal is Justice Correspondent for The Nation. A graduate of Harvard Law, Elie covers the courts, the criminal justice system, and politics—and the writes The Nation’s monthly column “Objection!”. I’ll pick his brain on everything from last week’s Supreme Court hearings streamed in real time, to AG Bill Barr’s recent moves to undo due process in the US, to Trump’s obvious mental and psychological decay and more. Elie Mystal joins in at the 30 minute mark, after the latest news, something humorous, and a bit of commentary…

In the meantime, here’s Shirley Serban’s parody song I played today