Yes, we’re in the Threats era of the Trump tour of America’s court rooms. The National Lampoon magazine cover depicted on today’s show graphic is a classic! It’s an actual magazine cover from 1973. it was funny because it was so absurd and obviously a joke.
But the current incarnation of Donald Trump isn’t making humorous threats. His threats are serious. Deadly serious.

Judge Merchan who’s overseeing the first of the criminal prosecutions against TFG just had to revise his gag order to include language that prohibits the orange menace from threatening family members of court personnel. He violated that gag order just moments after the order was revised.

Just what is law enforcement doing about it? Not a whole lot, from what I can tell.
Our pal Spocko was wondering about the same thing, and he has a new post up at Digby’s. He’ll check in with us too.