Have you ever thought about running for office? Now would probably be a good time to do so.

Republicans have effectively taken over state legislatures, city councils and school boards, doing great damage to our institutions along the way. And their embrace of a dictatorial conman as their presumptive presidential nominee is a mortal threat to our democracy. The stakes have never been higher, and no elected office is unimportant.

School boards have become intense battlegrounds. With groups like Moms for Liberty and Turning Point USA trying to indoctrinate our kids while dismantling our public educational system, it’s time for those of us on the side of education, democracy and facts take back control.

Today, I’ve invited two women who I met this weekend while they were canvassing in my neighborhood. One of them, Zeyna Pruzhanovsky, I met a month or two ago when she first stopped by. She’s running for a seat on the Chandler Unified School District Board. Joining her yesterday was Laura Metcalfe, who’s running for Maricopa County School Superintendent. They’ll join me live in the studio to talk about what’s at stake and what made them decide to jump into the race.

I’ll also bring you up to speed on Day 2 of Trump on Trial, and the Supreme Extreme Court who heard the case of one of the 1-6 insurrectionists that could impact the prosecution of both Trump himself and others who stormed the Capitol that day.