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After Bernie Sanders dropped his presidential bid last week, I read a perfectly-pitched rant from author/journalist/college professor Jeff Sharlet that articulated much of what I was feeling. I didn’t have time to read the whole thing on the show today, so here it is, as Jeff wrote it on Facebook

I had been meaning to invite Jeff Sharlet back to the show to discuss his new book, This Brilliant Darkness anyway– so we’ll discuss all of that and much more today! As usual, we start the show with something funny, and bring you up to date on the news of the day too.

(Note: the link to This Brilliant Darkness above goes to, the site Jeff Sharlet mentioned on the show today. I have an affiliate account there, so if you purchase a book using my link, I get a small cut!)

Today’s funny videos both came from Shirley Sirban, an incredibly talented woman in New Zealand. She’ll join us next week for Quarantine Calling…