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The full title of Jeff Sharlet‘s must-read new book is THE UNDERTOW: SCENES FROM A SLOW CIVIL WAR. They both work.

Jeff has been a favorite author and guest of mine since he gave us THE FAMILY back in 2008, and has been pulling the curtain from around the Christian nationalist movement and the many offshoots of what I call insanity, though Jeff is far more charitable. He gets out among these people and gains insight into what brought them to these points in their lives, so perhaps has a greater understanding of concepts that I believe are impossible to understand.

This is the eighth book that Jeff Sharlet has written or edited and he knows the subject better than most of us. His challenge is in sharing all he’s learned with the rest of us who resist being pulled under by the very strong undertow that appears to be growing exponentially each year. Strap in… Jeff tells some very uncomfortable stories … they’re stories we all need to hear and understand if we are to put up any kind of defense to the forces that are threatening to undercut life as we know it.