Well, they sure took their sweet time to stick a dagger in the heart of democracy and now the Supreme Extreme Court is dragging its feet before it strikes the death blow. Rather than immediately putting us out of (or increasing our) misery quickly (like they did in Bush v Gore 2000), they’re draaagggging it out another six long weeks. Yes, the court will hear TFG’s bullshit case where he’s claiming “absolute immunity” for his actions related to the January 6 insurrection that he led!

It took the court three weeks just to say they would hear the case (also a horrendous decision), and now they’re obviously delaying hearing the case. One can only assume it’s to help their dear leader, the twice impeached, orange tinted, failed former occupant of the White House.

To add insult to injury, Clarence Thomas – who never should have been confirmed in the first place – refuses to recuse himself, despite overwhelming evidence that his wife, Ginni Thomas, not only participated in the planning of the Jan 6 coup attempt, but was a major instigator and funder of the whole mess.

And then, they ruled yesterday, unanimously (sort of) that not only would TFG appear on every primary ballot regardless of the 14th Amendment section 3, but that states have no authority to remove a candidate from said ballot. Huh? That’s not how elections work… they’re run by the states!

To help us understand this and how the laws have been so perverted, LISA GRAVES returns to the show. Lisa is executive director of True North Research, which investigates and exposes those distorting American democracy and public policy. She then went on to helm the Center for Media and Democracy, the group who gave us ALEC Exposed and who took on and publicly exposed the Koch Brothers. Previously, Graves was Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the U.S. Department of Justice in the Office of Legal Policy/Policy Development and served as Chief Counsel for Nominations for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee for Senator Patrick Leahy.

She recently authored a piece for Common Dreams titled “Clarence Thomas Has No Shame. But You Knew That!